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About US

Pristine inspires Prestige

Vesta is always the enthusiast in sourcing real Canadian foods and expanding its knowledge worldwide. The only secret in the lusciousness Vesta offers is being simply real.

Good Taste

We offer you delicious food. Our products are based on selected high quality raw materials produced in North America. Many of our products are based on authentic North American flavours, while our beer, honey and fruit teas are also available in a variety of world flavors.

Good Health

Our products are not only delicious but also very healthy. Choose from Canadian milk, honey and malt, no additives and no hormones. Many of our products are carefully formulated on the basis of guaranteed taste. Choosing our products is to choose a healthy lifestyle.

Our Achievements

More and more customers like to experience food with us. All honors are to thank the customer for their feedback. We hope that everyone will get more happiness in a healthy lifestyle.



Recipes Published

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Why Us?


Every week Something New

Our engineers develop more taste every week. For fun, for life, for you.

Exceptional Food

All material selected by heart. Natural, sunny, green, and in good conditions. 


Highly Responsive Chefs

Not only we how to do, but also you how to think. We’re always be here with you.


24/7 Support Availability

Let’s keep in touch. Any question, please don’t hesitate to let us know.